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Manufacturing process of 1000w Modified Sine Wave Inverter


1000w Modified Sine Wave Inverter, a 1000W modified sine wave inverter, is a device that converts direct current into sine wave alternating current. The following are the production process steps of 1000w Modified Sine Wave Inverter:

Raw material preparation: Prepare required components, including MOSFET tubes, capacitors, inductors, voltage regulators, resistors, etc.

Circuit design: According to needs, export the required circuit diagram and perform corresponding design calculations.

PCB design: Convert the circuit diagram into a PCB design, generate the circuit layout and trace paths of the circuit board, and conduct inspections.

Production of PCB: Production of circuit boards designed and constructed from PCB, including board printing, gold plating, processing and other processes.

Component welding: Precisely position components, connectors, etc. on the produced PCB board, and fix the electronic components on the PCB through welding.

Testing and adjustment: Connect the power supply and perform tests to confirm that all functions of the inverter are normal and meet the requirements.

Packaging and selling: Professionals will package and label the products, and then hand the samples to the sales department for sale.

Making a 1000w Modified Sine Wave Inverter requires a high level of electronic technology and production process skills to ensure the quality and safety of the product.